October 31, 2014
GeoGlobal Energy LLC("GGE")

To date, GGE has invested US $250 million in equity capital to develop, build and operate geothermal power plants.

GGE is a privately-held geothermal company focused on the worldwide development and acquisition of geothermal resources to generate base load, renewable, low-carbon electricity to meet the growing need for global renewable electricity.

GGE's experience covers all aspects of geothermal power exploration, development, construction and operations. The company’s leadership has managed, developed, or built more than half of existing geothermal power projects worldwide. The company has offices in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Santa Rosa, California, in addition to Munich, Germany.
We believe in:
  • Renewable base load energy
  • Increasing geothermal's share of the global energy supply
  • Efficient use of appropriate capital
  • Small multifunctional teams integrated to improve project success
  • Minimum footprint on land, air and water
  • A challenging and fun workplace for our team
  • Delivering on our commitments to customers, communities, capital providers and employees